The Song of the Stork and Other Early and Ancient Armenian Songs

The Song of the Stork and Other Early and Ancient Armenian Songs

London : Taderon Press, 2004,
48 pp,
ISBN 1-903656-41-9, hardback,
UK£10.00 / US$14.95
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Preface; 1. Song of the Bride; 2. On a Little Knife; 3. Lost Song of the Stork; 4. The Elegy of the Partridge; 5. To Leo, Son of Hetum I; 6. The Pilgrim to the Crane; 7. A Mother's Lament Over the Death of Her Son; 8. Song of the Groom; 9. Song of the Partridge; 10. Elegy for an Armenian Princess; 11. A Canzonet for Children; 12. The Young Boy and the Water; 13. The Old Man and the Ship; 14. Lamentations for the Armenians of Julfa; 15. The Lamentation of a Bishop

About the author
Kherdian is widely recognized as one of the most important and distinctive voices in Armenian-American poetry for nearly four decades. The title poem to his collection On the Death of My Father was praised by William Saroyan as "one of the best lyric poems in American poetry.” Kherdian has also memorably chronicled his youth growing up in Racine, Wisconsin, and his experiences as an Armenian American in such works as Homage to Adana, Friends: A Memoir, I Remember Root River, The Dividing River/The Meeting Shore, and My Racine, among many other works.

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