Forgotten Genocides of the 20th Century

Forgotten Genocides of the 20th Century

London : Taderon Press, 2005,
104 pp,
ISBN 1-903656-53-2, paperback,
UK£7.00 / US$11.00
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Dedicated to the memory of the destruction of Armenians, Assyrians, Greeks in Ottoman Turkey. The destruction of native Americans. The annihilation of Gypsies during WWII. Rwanda, Darfur and other victimised groups whose memory has been forgotten.

Gregory Djanikian History Test - Geography Lesson - Armenian Primer.
George Hobson Afghan Woman - In The Killing Hours - May Day Morning in Yerevan - The Mountain - Moon Over Rwanda - Oh Rwanda! - The Cello.
Dean Kostos - Despina’s Rug.
Sofia Kontogeorge-Kostos The Birthing News - Before the Silence - To an Armenian Girl from Harpoot - Forced Deportations - Deaths Still Denied - Litany of Tears - Bastinado - What Would You Say? - "No One Will Care” - The Day the Sun Went Down - Who Speaks for Our People? - Sudan Has a Face - Pr$ce of Petroleum.
David Kherdian - Melkon.
Gregory Topalian Insomnia - Komitas Vartabed.
Nora Armani Exile - The Dance (Siamanto, translated by Nora Armani.

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