The Five Melikdoms of Karabagh (1600-1827)

The Five Melikdoms of Karabagh (1600-1827)

transl. from Armenian by Ara Stepan Melkonian
London: Taderon Press, 2010,
188 pp.
ISBN 978-1-90-3656-57-0, paperback,
UK£16.00 / US$22.00
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Raffi was one of the most influential Armenian writers and political commentators of the 19th century. His works included social and political commentaries, as well as epic novels. The Five Melikdoms of Karabagh (Khamsayi Melikoutiunneru) is one of Raffi’s scholarly works, where he drew on a range of manuscripts, books and oral sources, to write a detailed history of Karabagh. The focus of his study were the five Armenian melikdoms (noble houses) that ruled this region, as Karabagh passed from Persian to Russian rule. Full of great detail and astute observations, The Five Melikdoms of Karabagh allow us to better understand this region today.

This is the first English translation of The Five Melikdoms of Karabagh, and it joins four other English translations of Raffi’s work undertaken by the Gomidas Institute and Taderon Press. The other works are The Fool, Jalaleddin, The Golden Rooster and Tajkahayk.

About the Author
Raffi (né Hakob Melik-Hakobian) was born in 1835 in Bayajuk, near Salmas, in northwestern Persia. He died in Tiflis in 1888. He was a prolific and popular writer who contributed to Krikor Ardzrouni’s Tiflis-based liberal periodical, Mshak (Cultivator). Among his other principal works of fiction are Jalaleddin, Gharib Mshetsi (The exile from Moush), Khachagoghi Hishatakarane (The diary of a cross-stealer), Kaitzer (Sparks), Davit Bek, and Samuel.

About the Translator
Ara Stepan Melkonian is a British based Fellow at the Gomidas Institute. His other translations include Tajkahayk by Raffi (Taderon Press, 2008) and Accursed Years by Yervant Odian (Gomidas Institute, 2009)
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