Your Brother's Blood Cries Out

Your Brother's Blood Cries Out

transl. from French and intro. from Armenian by Victoria Rowe
London: Gomidas Institute, 2007
XX + 284 pp., photo., map.
ISBN 978-1-903656-71-6, paperback,
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Your Brother’s Blood Cries Out was written in Danish by Inga Nalbandian (neé Inga Henriette Lucinde Collins) between 1915-1918. This trilogy was one of the first literary attempts to write about the Armenian Genocide for a European reading public. The first story was written while the author was living in Constantinople. It came out in five editions in Denmark. The trilogy was eventually translated into Swedish, Dutch and French, and appeared as a single book, Your Brother’s Blood Cries Out. Nalbandian later co-operated with European feminists such as Henni Forchhammer, the Danish delegate to the League of Nations, in promoting assistance to the refugees of the Armenian Genocide.

Victoria Rowe completed her doctoral thesis (University of Toronto, Canada, 2000) on "The New Armenian Woman : Armenian Women s Writing in the Ottoman Empire, 1880-1915.” She is the author of "A History of Armenian Women’s Writing: 1880-1922” (forthcoming, Gomidas Institute, 2007) and currently teaches Middle Eastern Studies at Chuo University, Tokyo, Japan. [2007]

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