Aghtamar: A Jewel of Medieval Armenian Architecture / Ahtamar: Ortaçag Ermeni Mimarliginin Mucevheri

Aghtamar: A Jewel of Medieval Armenian Architecture / Ahtamar: Ortaçag Ermeni Mimarliginin Mucevheri

bilingual English and Turkish
translated from English by Zuhal Bilgin, edited and intro by Ara Sarafian and Osman Koker
London: Gomidas Institute, 2010,
168 pp., includes maps, diagrams, colour photographs.
ISBN 978-1-903656-99-0, paperback
UK£20.00 / US$30.00

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The 10th century Armenian church of the Holy Cross (Surp Khach) on Aghtamar island is one of the most important architectural sites in Turkey. With its unique sculptural carvings depicting a complex of biblical and secular themes, this church is a jewel of medieval Armenian and early Christian art and architecture

Based on a variety of sources from the 10th to the 20th centuries, this book gives a fascinating history of the church of the Holy Cross and includes invaluable architectural drawings and color photographs that allow readers to follow the complex sculptural narratives with great ease.

Aghtamar: A Jewel of Medieval Armenian Architecture
was originally written by Stepan Mnatsakanian. His work was published in Armenian and English in the 1980s. The present work reproduces the English translation with a new Turkish translation by Zuhal Bilgin.

Mnatsakanian's work introduces Turkish speakers, for the first time, to Armenian sources regarding the history of Aghtamar and its surroundings, as well as its famous church. These sources include Tovma Ardzruni (10th century), Tovma Continuatus (14th century), I. A. Orbeli (cir. 1912), E. Lalayan (cir. 1910-16), W. Bachman, I.Strzygowski, Sirarpie Der Nersessian, Lydia Durnovo, M. S. Ipsiroglu.

This bi-lingual publication also reproduces invaluable architectural drawings from Documents on Armenian Architecture - Aghtamar (Edizioni Ares, Milano, 1974), as well as 68 color photographs by Kadir Çitak (2010).

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Stepan Mnatsakanian (1917-1994) was Doctor of Architectural Science and Director of the Department of Architecture at the Armenian Academy of Sciences Institute of Art.
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